Q.01 How can I open an account?

Opening an account is very easy. Just click here and fill out the special form to instantly register an account.

Q.02 Is there any age limit?

You must be over 18 years.

Q.03 Do you restrict residents from specific countries from opening an account?

No we do not. However, accounts from countries that fall under a higher than average risk factor, might have limits other than the standard. Also we do not do business with countries under UN trading embargo or OFAC sanctions (Cuba, Iran, Iraq, Libya, N. Korea, Burma (Myanmar), Liberia, Sudan, Syria, Zimbabwe, Rwanda, etc).

Q.04 What happens when I signup for an account?

When you sign up for an e-wallet account you will have to confirm your email address and wait for our staff to verify and approve your information, then your will have access to the members area of your account in order to start using it

Q.05 What is an e-wallet account?

E-wallet account is similar to checking account at your bank. All incoming funds are first credited to your e-wallet account When you try to send money to other users, withdraw money to your bank account or perform other transfers, all funds will be taken from your e-wallet account.

Q.06 What can I do with money in my e-wallet account?

Personal Account Holders can:

  • Send money to other users.
  • Send payments to Merchants using Business Accounts
  • Withdraw funds directly to your bank account.
Business Accounts can do the following in addition to Personal Accounts:
  • Send out payments to other account holders.
  • Receive Payments from your website via API

Q.07 What currencies can I open the account in?


Q.08 How can I load money to my current account?

You can load your account with funds via wire transfer. to see bank details where to send your deposit, you need to login to your account and go to deposit tab from the members area.

Q.09 Where and how can I withdraw money in my e-wallet account?

You can withdraw your money by sending us a withdrawal request from the members area. You need to provide your bank details where you want to receive the money.

Q.10 Who can I transfer money from my current account?

You can send money to other account holders by clicking the transfer tab in the members area. please note that you need to provide the Account Code and Email address of the receiver to be able to send to other account holders